AASTRA Telephone Firmware

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AASTRA Telephone Firmware

Postby matt » Tue Oct 21, 2014 7:05 am

If you have Spectrum Managed AASTRA telephones in your office. New firmware has been pushed out to your phone overnight.

The new firmware has been adopted network wide to fix a bug on some new models of AASTRA handset which caused the phone to get suck in a loop rebooting.
There is also additional functionality for some new types of phones that we will be releasing shortly.

Sometimes during firmware upgrades there are a small percentage of handsets that do not complete the upgrade successfully. If this happens your phone may be frozen or say 'No service'. If this is the case simply reboot your phone by removing the line cord and replacing it. Your phone should reboot within a few minutes. If it does not please call Support on 1300133299 for assistance.

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